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AMISOM denies that Burundi’s troops pull out in Somalia


Mogadishu:- AMISOM  mission denied that  Burundi’s troops in Somalia are pulling out from the country after Burundi’s president threatened  that he will withdraw his troops from Somalia.

The spokesman of AMISOM in  Somalia ,Jeo kebit told to radio Tabiye news.com an especial interview that Burundi’s troops will not pull out from Somali.

“AMISOM troops SNA were given their responsibility  for the security election ,to secure ,candidates, delegates who are taking part  the election, we secure the security of newly elected parliament and everything links to Somalia’s election, now Somalia’s parliamentary election  was concluded and now we are supporting ,we hope others will be finished with safety.”

“we help together with Somali forces ,there is good governance ,regional states, you can see the construction and the  beauty of Mogadishu, we proud of that AMISOM has done all these , and their security ,we shall continue “

Nagala Soo Xiriir:- [email protected]