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AMISOM fires mortars at civilian areas near Qoryoley


Qoryoley – Tabiye.com- African Union forces in Somalia known as (AMISOM) have fired a salvo of mortar rounds at civilian areas outside Qoryoley district in Lower Radio Tabiye.com  region on Saturday night.

Local residents in Farhane, a small village located about 7Km south of Qoryoley town, told Radio Tabiye.com  that more than 20 mortar shells fired by AMISOM have hit their settlement.

Several others villages around Qoryoley were hit by the AMISOM’s indiscriminate mortar bombing, according to the residents who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Details of the casualties are yet sketchy, with residents saying some of the mortars smashed into houses in Farhane area, which is under the control of Al Shabaab militants.

AMISOM is yet to release a statement on why they targeted the residential area.

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