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Farmajo meets with US Ambassador in Mogadishu


Mogadishu – Tabiye.com– The new President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has met for the first time since his election on Feb. 8, the US ambassador to Somalia Stephan Schwartz in Mogadishu.

The meeting at Villa Somalia on Friday, both sides have discussed a range of issue, including the drought crises in the country and bilateral relations between Somalia and United States.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has asked US to join the drought response efforts to assistance millions of Somalis effected by a biting drought striking the country.

“today, I had a very productive meeting with US Ambassador to Somalia Stephan Schwartz. Discussed drought response and security sector reform,” Mr Farmajo tweeted.

The US ambassador said in Twitter post, that he was very happy to meet with the Somali President and present him a cap with “Make Somalia great Again.”

Since his election on Feb. 8, Somali president has been having meetings with foreign diplomats and envoys in Mogadishu, to talk about the drought and Future cooperation.

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